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Illustration by Chéri Hérouard for La Vie Parisienne Magazine, 1922


Sportswoman Judith O’Keefe unwinds on her farm’s bass pond in the latest Filson Life article.

by Daniel Teixeira


Braeden is a strong powerful woman who can take out men within the blink of an eye, looks cute on all occasions, gets to go home to a premium slice of american beef that is derek hale and looks phenomenal in leather. She is my ultimate goal.

and instead of her character having an actual arc or solid backstory (there’s only vague wishy-washy attempts at ‘girl’s gotta eat’ ruthless determined mentality) or even being used to further the general plot by herself she’s an accessory and reduced to a barely-there mentor and a side-story love interest and it is infuriating. there’s no problem with braeden, that sweet as sugar nail biting fuck you up lady, but the writing, for screwing us out of another woman on the show. 

(via thechronicleofshe)